Thursday, July 31, 2008

Anna's imaginary friends

Anna has several imaginary friends. Some of them are real people that she pretends are here with her. Most often, this is her cousin Danielle, who lives in Colorado, whom she hasn't seen in well over a year. Sometimes, it's Santa (Uh, Santa IS real). She has some imaginary friends who are not real, and they include: Kaitley (I think she made this name up), Ashley, Alex, Sally and Allie. It's really quite cute and I love it.
Today, she has a friend that she's never played with before. This is a real person. It surprised me a bit when this morning she said, "Mommy, me and Jesus are wearing capes."
Since then, she has brushed her teeth with Jesus (He had the foresight to bring his own toothbrush), ridden her bike with Jesus (she helped him put on a helmet), and watched Blue's Clue's with Jesus.

I think I could use this to my advantage. "Honey, why did you kick your brother? You know Jesus doesn't like that. He might want to leave if you're not nice to everyone."

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