Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Mysterious Reappearance of my Belongings

And Other Tales

Okay. So Monday evening, my neighbor comes over and tells me she has my suitcase in her home. YES! I'd asked her Friday, along w/ most my other neighbors, if they'd seen it, which she hadn't. She said she found it on the lawn Saturday and rescued it. I can't even fathom what happened to it. Where did it go? How did it get back home? Nothing appears to have been touched, let alone taken, however there is a new big black smudge on the exterior. That's okay; I have a phone that works now. HOORAY!


In other news, my trip was pretty fun. I like my sister. And her husband. And her son. Oh and guess what, I set my cousin up with my friend Ben so hopefully they get married becuase I dig Ben and I'd like him to be in my family. :D Hehe.

Halloween and Twilight

Tomorrow is halloween and I am going to be a sparkly vampire. OH! Speaking of, I did finish the Twilight series, and I would recommend to stay away from it. Do yourself a favor and read Goosebumps instead. Or Good Night Moon. Your time will be better spent, trust me. The only one remotely worth reading is the first one, and if you read the first one, you have to read the second one because whatever Meyer lacks, it's not lure. She does have the talent to make you want more even if you can't figure out why. The final book is the biggest letdown imaginable. My advice: don't waste your time.

Also -- don't shoot me if you read it and loved loved loved it. We can still be friends. We'll just set aside our differences and never discuss the mess that some dare call literature.

The Economy Comes to Rexburg

Yesterday at work we were all called to a meeting with the company president. "There will be no more raises, ever" he said. Well, that's what it sounded like. No raises until the economy "turns around." Ha, as if that will happen without a war. As if that will happen in just a few months. So. Bleh. I haven't even had a raise yet. And now I won't get one. At least the meeting wasn't to let us know that there will be layoffs. I think that one's in the future, though. Hooray, I will ever be frozen at sucky-pay/hr! As Cadee (from work) would say, find joy in the moment.

Hmm, speaking of joy. I was looking for Heather's parent's house -- Heather is my cousin whom I drove to Utah -- to pick her up Sunday and head back to Rexburg. She lives on this mountain. She gave me directions. I never saw the road I was supposed to turn onto, and I kept climbing this mountain thing, and pretty soon there were no houses in sight. So I thought maybe it was around the bend. But there was nothing. So then I whip out my phone but it doesn't get service where I was! So then I started to cry. Shut up, okay, I was pretty stressed. Then I remembered Cadee saying "Find joy in the moment" and I laughed aloud! So that was pretty funny. I dind't find any joy in that moment, but I did laugh. So. There ya go then.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


This blog needs some verve, yo.

Let me tell you about my way totally awesome day. I woke up a little earlier than usual (5:30) and finished packing. I'm visiting my sister. Do I have money for this? No, I do not, but I have two extra passengers who are splitting the gas equally, so I'll end up spending like $15 on gas total. Way rad. Anyway, sis lives near Lehi, Utah. OKAY. So I got up to finish packing my very large suitcase. There will be a trunk or treat in Melanie's ward this weekend so she commanded me to pack costumes. I did so, I even packed mine. I packed all our clothes (my good pair of jeans, the kids' good winter clothes, my favorite pajamas, Anna's new pajamas, etc.) and our personal stuff like makeup and deodorant and toothbrushes. Yeah, and I included my new dressy boots. And my phone charger so I would make sure not to forget it.

I lugged the suitcase downstairs to the parking lot and opened the trunk. Got the kids all buckled, and took off to work. Noticed my trunk was still open when I stopped at Matthias' daycare, so I shut it w/o bothering to peak inside. Dropped Anna off, and went to work, where I was actually on time. Neat, considering how busy I'd been.

Right after work, I was going to pick my kids up from their respective daycares and then pick my cousin, Heather up and her roommate, who were my passengers. Their families live near my sister. I was going to text Heather when I was almost there but then I realized I'd left my phone at work. Brilliant. That's never happened before, if you can believe that. Well I opened the trunk for them when I got there and that's when I realized it was much too empty. My suitcase wasn't there. You've got to be kidding me. Well, what the beans did I do with it after I took it outside? I must have just left it there in my parking lot at my apartment. Brilliant. Please, oh please let it still be there. So we drove to my apartment and it wasn't there. So I went to the neighboring buildings hoping a neighbor had seen my very large suitcase in the middle of the parking lot and had taken it into saftey. No. Whatever. So I shoved a handful of clothes into a Wal*Mart bag and hoped it would suffice. So embarrassing, cannot imagine what Heather and Kelsey were thinking of me. So then we had to go back to my work to retrieve my phone. Thank goodness it was just where I'd left it. As we're drivin to the highway, I call the police station but no one's turned in a very large suitcase filled with clothes, personal items and halloween costumes. I stop at my landlord's building to see if someone's returned it there. No.

So we just take off. It could be worse; at least I still have my purse with me. Maybe Monday it will turn up. :(

WOW. A series of poor, scatter-brained choices. Seriously, where was I today? I don't even know.

So my sweet boy is at a new daycare which I don't like at all. It's called Little Academy and I really feel uncomfortable leaving my son there. The workers seem nice, but they seem like they don't enjoy their job. I really miss Apple Tree for him. Anna still goes to Apple Tree. A.T. is a superior daycare, and now that I've seen what else is out there, I really appreciate it much more. They're so structured and organized and planned and I really like that I can count on them for that, and the kids can count on them. Chaos seems more prevalent at Little Academy. Oh well, it's only a short time. I have some good news for once, my son was "accepted" to the state Child and Family Resource Center. They work more one on one with the kids and they focus on kids with behavioral issues. I guess they believe that my son is naughty enough, and he'll start next Monday (the 3rd of Nov.). I can't wait, really. I know he'll be in much better and more capable hands and I hope he'll learn appropriate behavior. He is a very moody child. He can become very, very angry, often seemingly without reason. Like his dad. But he's only three. But he's so sweet. He's very precious and special and deserves the best only. And he doesn't need to be beating up other kids for no reason. He's so sweet.

I'm at my sister's now. My nephew, Morgan, who is 2 tomorrow, was so so excited to see my kids. I have never before witnessed such a reception. He started screaming "Anna! Anna!", and by "screaming" I mean exactly that, and he jumped and ran around the room, shrieking in ecstasy, and he threw himself to the ground and kicked his feet, screech-laughing. It was very funny.

I should be well into my third crazy dream by now. Bye then!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


WELL I had to cancel my internet service because I don' t get paid much. Sad day for me, I tell ya. I'm at the library now, anxious that my kids over in the kid section will start screaming any minute, or that Matthias will randomly pummel and innocent child with no provocation.

My Life: The Short Answer:
Matthias was kicked out of daycare for being a bully. His daycare suggested that he might have asperger's syndrome. Odd that I never thought of that myself, since I've noticed he's a little different, and his brother Kadin has been so diagnosed. I'm now working toward a diagnosis. He does exhibit many of the characteristics. For those who don't know, Asperger's is a high functioning, mild form of autism.

I was accepted to BYU-I and, by a miracle of God, I will start in January. Don't know how I'll collect the funds, at this point.

I got a new phone and number. Verizon screwed me so I bailed and joined a family plan with my dear sister and brother in law.

Elections approach and I don't know for whom to vote.

I love blogging because it gives me a chance to say very little in many words to very few. :D I sorta stole that.

Alright then. Goodbye.