Sunday, June 26, 2011

Camping 2011 pictures

Every year, my family goes on a way-too-long camping trip. I hate camping. I love being home. It's safer. Warmer at night, cooler in the day, I have everything I need here without having to fill my car to capacity. I don't have to dig through a bag to find clothes and I can change with plenty of standing room. I can shower daily. Don't have to worry about the ice in my freezer melting and ruining all my food. I don't have to drench myself in bug spray or sun screen. It's just better at home. But, my family disagrees. And, every year, they go camping for about a week. I never go the whole time because I can't handle it. Camping is way too expensive- another thing. But this time I committed to 2 nights. Longer than usual.

I'll skip the stressful experiences and skip right to the pictures. I could not get these pics in the order I wanted.

Shortly after arriving, Anna helped set up our tent.
Atticus came too! He LOVED it. And he was very well behaved for the most part.
The tent was up! I was in it, lying on a cot my Dad brought and let me use. Very comfy! Here's Anna, Emmy, and Daddio looking in.
On the way to camp, Atticus and Anna cuddling. Don't judge; we were at a stoplight. Maybe.
Melanie and Matthias looking into the tent. See- this was supposed to be under the other tent photo. I uploaded them together. Why, Blogger? WHY?
Matthias on the cot! I LOVED that thing. Waaaay better than sleeping on the ground. Warmer too.
Emmy and Kaien playing with the camping neighbor Preston, at the camping neighbor's camp spot.
We were getting ready to go to the pool that was fed by a natural hot springs. All the kids in the back of the Suburban that Chris now drives. I grew up riding in this Suburban! It's the one we moved to Idaho in! I even used to drive it! Kaien is holding the puppy. Funny.

There's Kaien! Anna, Matthias, Kaien, Emmy, Morgan. Happy cousins.

At the pool. It was super warm, like a perfect bath.
I just love my niece Lydia.
Lydia and Ammon sharing a stroller.

Fail, Blogger! Fail! So out of place, but cute-

Okay, here I am. I debated posting these horrible photos of myself but decided I'm not going to be one of those girls who's afraid of her physical imperfections. So here I am, in all my large, dirty, makeup-less glory. I was lighting a fire on alcohol!!! The story in a post to come. That's Casey by me.
A very rare photo of Casey's whole face!!! He avoids being in pictures at all costs! This must have been done by a very sneaky photographer.
My mom, and Christine taking a picture of Chris's fire.
Me with a piece of licorice sticking through the space where my tooth would be if I had one. Chris and Daddio surrounding me. We were playing The Great Dale Moody. So fun! Dad was the Serf.
My beautiful sister in law, Christine!
Melanie took this picture of herself so now she has to deal with it being publicized. She was the King here- I think that's why she's looking so smug.
My dad had this trailer that he hooked to one of his four-wheelers. It was used to haul firewood, supplies, and sometimes children. And there's Sadie, Chris's dog.
Mom, Mel and Lydia on the four-wheeler.
Grandpa pulling his grandkids! I think my dad looks especially young and fit here.
Mom and Casey playing The Great Dale Moody.

Lydia playing under the picnic table.

The best part of camping- the campfire! I love sitting round it, talking with family, roasting marshmallows. FUN.

The ride home. They were pooped. I was trying to get all three of them because Atticus was pretty cute too, but I was driving and this was shot through the front seats without me looking.

*Update- after researching a little, I realized there is no card game called the Great Dale Moody. I swear, that's what it sounded like my family's been calling it all along. But no. It's actually called The Great Dalmuti. I was wondering who Dale Moody was. Now I'm wondering what a Dalmuti is....

Camping 2011- The Hike

I took the majority of my photos on this lovely hike. It's still kind of an overload for one post, but you can handle it. :) And because I couldn't get Blogger to cooperate, the pictures are in no particular order. Scenery and people I love:

I have a particular inexplicable fondness for this photo-
The Log. Kaien, Emmy, Morgan, Anna and Matthias getting ready for fun pictures.

I like photos when the sun comes through the trees. So I took one.
The silly log photo. Look, all the good positions were taken by other photographers, okay!! Ammon, Kaien, Emmy (Chris's kids), Morgan (Melanie's son), Matthias and Anna.
My cute cute cute kids!!!
Blurry but still cute.
Matthias looks like a Turley here I think. Anna showing off her walking stick.
I can't get enough of these kids.
Melanie and baby Lydia peeking around! I was glad I wasn't the one who had to haul a chubby baby on a hike.
A stream! Always a child's delight. All the kids taking off their shoes; Uncle Chris helping everyone in; Grandpa in the background taking real photos.
The heads of Kaien, Morgan, and Anna. And Matthias so excited to get in the water.
I think he was the 1st one in. Maybe not. But he was the first one to fall in. He said "I'm okay!"

Uncle Chris taking video.
My dad, the (camp) resident photographer.
We did these braids the day before we left. Well, most of them anyway. I finished it the morning we left. She loved them.

My brother Chris and my cute cute nephew Ammon! He's almost 2.

I was mostly trying to get that there mountain-top-rock. It was awesome.
Matthias and Kaien on the return. They ran way ahead of everyone. Look how pretty it is!
Matthias, Kaien and Emmy. And pretty.
My princess!

More pretty.
My cute niece Emmy perched upon a log, waiting for the rest to come.
Matthias on a log, waiting for the rest to come. And beautiful trees.

I loved the color of the bark on that tree.

A sea of trees! my camera failed to bring justice to the beauty here.