Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Campout Continued, Lots of Random pics

And here's Kaien. I can't believe how much he looks like Chris. Don't I have the cutest nephews!
Anna in the mountain. It's a pretty good climb.

Breakfast with cousins
I'm posting this extra cute pic of Morgan so Melanie can have it. It takes about one week for me to email a pic so this method is quicker.
Butterflies at the mud pit by the watering trough
The joy of sticks. Really, now, several camping cousin fights were over sticks. Each child wanted the most superior stick, which was whichever one someone else had.
Matthias and I went for a walk. Anna started out with us but quickly decided sitting at camp was more enjoyable. This was on our way back to camp. Matthias really enjoyed the walk. It was cute. He's cute. We found some cool bugs and cool plants and stuff.
Melanie and Aaron's tent that I and the kids slept in. Had they not lent us their's, we'd have been under the stars, subject to being eaten alive by all manner of bugs and creatures. We know there were large animals roaming about because we heard them crunching twigs and stuff in the night. Scary! Anyway, it's a two man tent but it was sufficient for the three of us (with Emmy as the show model):
While some of the others were four-wheeling, the rest of us hung out in the four-wheeler trailer, to beat the heat. We attempted a game of cards, but with five children roaming about, we quickly learned the notion was a veritable impossibility. Here we have Chris (who was probably scolding a child) and Emmy, Casey in a hat, and Cameron (who was probably thinking, "who cares about the kids, let's finish this game already. Hehe)
This was about 4:30 pm and we were all hot, all just waiting for the shade to descend the mountainside. We got tired of waiting for the shade to come to us, so we went to the shade and parked our chairs on an uncomfortable incline. What you see here is Chris scolding my son for squirting his son in the face with a squirt bottle. Come on, uncle Chris, don't you remember how fun it is to squirt your cousin? Also, note the bag of chips. Note the extra arm holding the bag of chips. That's Anna. She refused to let those chips go, even while "sharing." Funny.

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Melanie said...

In both pictures of Chris he is scolding a child. :)