Monday, July 28, 2008

Beauty Queen

So yesterday my new friend Lydia's husband Tyler told me about a job opening. He works for the Standard Journal here and he said they're looking for front desk help. And suggested that I go in and drop off a resume. Heck yeah, front desk at a newspaper? Sounds totally fun. So this morning I do my pilates, take my shower, get breakfast for the kids and get dressed in my looking for work attire. Do my hair, my makeup, almost ready to go. One last thing, brush my teeth. I brush and spit, you know the routine, then I smile at myself in the mirror to see my gleaming teeth. What I saw instead is a hillbilly. My tooth was missing. I looked in desperation for it in the sink, near the sink, in my toothbrush, on the floor. Totally gone. I'd either swallowed it or spit it down the drain. Who will hire this?:

ya know? I'm all freaked out but I need a job so I still go to the Standard Journal and drop off my resume trying to speak as little as possible. I was promised a call tomorrow for an interview. Great. I have to get a tooth! Oh, by the way, I never actually had a tooth there, not a real one, not since I lost my baby one. I had a fake one attached to what is called a flipper, which is basically a retainer without the wire. So I take my tooth out every night and soak in a cup of water. Funny huh. Well anyway, every two years or so, the tooth breaks off and I get a new one. It sucks. It actually broke off two months ago and I used super glue to put it back on. But, today, I couldn't because I'd spit it down the drain. And my teeth are tiny, so there's basically no hope of retrieving it.

So after I went to the Standard Journal, I went to a dentist office. They were rude and said they don't fix stuff like that, and, in fact, there isn't a dentist in town who fixes them and I'll have to go to Idaho Falls. The thing is, I have an uncle who makes teeth and he's actually made one for me before and I knew I could ask him and send him the impression of my teeth that I still have and he'd be able to make me a new one, so I'd want to ask him if I had to wait. But I have hope for an interview tomorrow so I was hoping for something a little more immediate. Anyway, I didn't believe them and I checked out two other dentists in town and the third one plopped me in the chair and took an impression and promised me a tooth by tomorrow. It's gonna cost $70 but I'll glad to sit in the interview chair not looking like a hillbilly, you know?

Yet another crazy day in the life of an unemployed single mother.


Melanie said...

So, is that your looking for a job outfit? Baseball cap and all? hehe

Stephanie said...

oh, I actually had changed by the time I took these photos! Otherwise it'd be no wonder I didn't have a job yet... :D