Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I dunno.

Well I have a new job. I work at Western Wats. Yeah. So, if you get a call from anyone saying they're calling on behalf of a market research company, or if they're calling to get your opinions, please don't hang up because it may be me! And they're usually short, interesting surveys anyway. Like the one I did yesterday. I got to call Massachusetts and ask for whom they voted for Senator and ask why did they choose that person. If I had to guess who won by the responses I received, I'd have guessed it was Coakley. But go Scott Brown, now the Senate is a little more evenly distributed with both parties. Both candidates sounded like losers to me and I'm glad I didn't have to choose one.

Okay anyway. After I got my job at Wats, DI kicked me out. :( I miss it ever so much. I made very wonderful friendships and learned a great many things, and it was truly a blessing to have been employed there.

I'm back in school. I love it. But I don't make enough money so please donate. :) My classes are CIT140 (Computer Information Technology) and I'm learning all about Excel. It's about time. Comm130 (Visual Media) and I'm using fun programs like InDesign and Photoshop, etc. I love that class so far. Book of Mormon, which, of course, rocks. Comm399 which is some strange career prep class specifically for Comm majors. And FDSCI206. Science: Light and Sound. Bleh. But this is the last science class I have to take. Thank goodness because I really don't understand equations that have to do with velocity and time and frequency.... Don't get me wrong; it's very interesting, but my brain has a hard time grasping and retaining the information. Bleh. Generally, though, I'm very excited about this semester.

The subject of my last post doesn't seem into me anymore. :( I'm sad. He had his first first date last weekend and he said he had a great time.

Anna has glasses and she looks so, so cute in them! She doesn't love them but she is doing a good job at keeping them on all day. I hope this eliminates her mysterious headaches. She's doing well in Kindergarten and almost never has homework because she finishes it all at school. She's amazing. She knows what "reversible change" is and what "alliteration" means. :)

Matthias is as cute and funny as ever. I took him on a date this morning to McDonalds and we had the best time. He impressed the old people. :)

What else? Nothing? Okay. Happy 2010!