Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Last Week, Summer Fun

Sometime last week we went to Spray Park with some friends:
Oh, Mommy, I'm so cold:
I have some things to learn about photography. This is Anna's friend Kali. She lives in our complex. Actually, her grandma lives in our complex. Kali is visiting for the summer and is leaving next week back to Oklahoma. Anna will be heartbroken. So will I; I adore this little girl:
Two other ladies in my ward went that day. One of them is a nanny to this little sweetheart named Shelby. I love how Anna makes friends instantly (they'd only met just minutes before this was taken):

Last weekend we went back to Rigby Lake. My neighbor Lynette tagged along, with her adorable daughter Elora.

Hey, Ma, there's sand on my apple:
This pretty cool log was just hangin by the sand. So I had my pretty daughter sit upon it.Playin with the sand toys:
I'm floating!
Isn't that the cutest little swimsuit? Got it half off at Kmart. We left her good one in Nampa four weeks ago.
Lynette and Elora. She was falling asleep:Anna and Elora:

Here's what happens when you don't get sunscreen on your back. It still hurts and it's been four days:


Melanie said...

Looks fun. I really want to take Morgan swimming more. It's summer and he'd love it.

jjertmann said...

Ouch! Looks fun though.

Anonymous said...

I am jealous of you for having such a great park. You guys look like you're having a wonderful summer.


Anonymous said...

I think that picture of your back looks like it hurts. I don't know that I would put a picture like that on the internet so others could see though. A bit risque don't you think. I don't know how to spell that word sorry.