Sunday, July 6, 2008

More Camping -- Four Wheeled Adventures

My parents have four four-wheelers. They brought them. Everyone had fun on them except me. I'm afraid. However, the latrine was a long walk from our camp site, so I did get brave enough to drive to and from the potty on a four wheeler. :) My kids loved them. They wanted a ride ALL the time, and they got quite a few. Here's said parents:
Here's Melanie, lookin all ready:

Jason, Casey and Cameron, checkin out possible routes:Grandpa with Kaien, Anna and Matty:
My little dude with his uncle Cameron:
The kids with Uncle Aaron:
Anna looking back:
Jaybo and Casey. I told them to be brothers and Jaybo punched Casey in the face. (pretend.) Mom was disappointed, so they hugged and made up:
Handsome Cameron:
And me and the kids. We'd just returned from a trip to the potty. Oh, a note: Matthias hated the latrine. He was afraid of it. I guess the thought of falling into a latrine might be frightening.... :) Well, I took him in there to pee and he refused, so I did because I had to go and he said, "Mommy, who's showering?" responding to the different sound of liquid in a huge hole as opposed to a toilet. It was funny. While we were camping, Matt peed for the first time standing up and for the first time outside! (both firsts occurring simultaneously.) I'm a proud mommy. Without further ado:


Anonymous said...

What good pictures. I think the one of Jason and Casey hugging should be framed and hung over the fireplace. These will be good times to remember.

Stephanie said...