Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fourth Continued

Then Morgan fell down. He was constantly falling down. I can't remember exactly what happened in this instance but I think he was maybe knocked down by Sadie (Chris's dog). He fell on his face. In the dirt. And came out of it with this to show for it:Funny! Then Matthias got kissed by a muddy dog nose. Cutest smile ever:
Here's all five grandkids (under five years) hiking up the hill together. It was precious:
It got a little chilly the first night and little Emmy didn't have a coat so she borrowed Morgan's, which was too big but so cute:

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Melanie said...

That is a super cute photo of Mattie! And I need to figure out how to get that pic of Morgan for my blog, either that, or you could email it to me along with the other one like it?