Saturday, July 26, 2008

Another Vid!

Matt makes some seriously funny faces in this video. Oh, and before we proceed, I'd like to complain. You'll notice a slide nazi. This girl thought she was the boss of the slide and got to tell all the kids when to go. I guess it's really okay since no child seemed to have a problem with it. I just thought it was annoying. Who is she to tell my kids what to do! Plus, the video would have been much cuter without her. Also, I'd like to complain about the parents who think they can place their itty bitty children on the slide whenever the beans they want to. I totally understand not wanting to go up on the platform with the small children who don't want to get sprayed. I've done the same with Matthias, in fact, before he was brave enough to climb up to the slide himself. But you know what I did? I waited until there was a break in the line so he wouldn't be taking anyone's turn! What, just because your kid is 2 means s/he doesn't have to abide by standard playground take-turns rules? I just think it's rude. I try to be fair, but what good does it do if everyone else in the world doesn't care about fairness?
So my next soapbox speech is about little girls in itty bitty bikinis. This never used to bother me. I even still think they're cute on babies and very young girls. I wanted to get Anna the cutest little two-piece when she was two years old. TWO. Randy discouraged it. Um, I'm not stupid. If my daughter's father, a man, says my daughter shouldn't be wearing something, I'm going to listen! You know? Anyway, now that I'm a parent, when I see these barely pre- and post-pubescent girls running around in teeny two-pieces, all I can think of is predators! It seems to me if you don't want your daughter to be the object of some sick man's fantasy, don't dress her like an advertisement! I'm probably being way too harsh but it does seem like an invitation to perverted men. True, we shouldn't HAVE to worry about stuff like that happening, but it does happen, and it doesn't seem like letting 11 to 16 (ish) year old girls expose most of their bodies in public is a good way to guard against it. You know? I mean, for the sake of the child, get her covered... We all know how men and boys think and it's not fair to them or to the girls to so expose our daughters. Am I right? All I know is I'm not going to encourage the curiosity of boys or the perversion of men by allowing my daughter to wear almost nothing in public.

Stepping down. Please enjoy!

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