Wednesday, March 18, 2009

All you need is Jack

I used to really enjoy the idea of superman. I loved Dean Cain in Lois and Clark: the Adventures of Superman. But that was before I met Jack Bauer. Jack is so much cooler than superman. Jack is human. Jack has flaws. Once, in fact, Jack was addicted to heroin. But he got through that with my help. Jack is the ultimate man. You can't be manlier than Jack Bauer, you just can't! Here's some pictures of him saving the world.

Oh, Jack. I do love you.

Someone once told me that Jack Bauer isn't real. Riiiiiight. I believe, okay, I believe. Superman isn't real, okay? But who needs Superman when you have Jack, anyway?

Don't mess with Jack, alright? He'll pulverize you. And then the President will congratulate him.

24 is my alter universe.


Anna said when I was putting on my concealer/foundation: "Why do you need to cover your zits? You look fine with them. To me" and "I 'm not gonna marry Tyson because he doesn't say 'excuse me' when he burps."

Matthias said: "I will be the guitar guy at your wedding" and "when I grow up, I will be a hiccup doctor."

Matt's therapist at his "daycare" (partial care facility) said Matthias is his favorite of all the kids. Well of course he is! Did I already mention this in an earlier post?

I've been extraordinarily busy with school. And I still am.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I've Gone Private

I did it. So far only six people can read my blog. If you guys know of email addresses I should add, lemme know! Thanks!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Matt's Birthday

Was yesterday. I just can't believe my baby boy is four years old! Presents were first thing in the morning. I video taped it; I'll likely post the vid soon-ish. He got a neat outfit from my mom, a bubble gun from Kimmie, and from me: bubbles, Percy the train (to be friends with Thomas so now he has 2 engines), the movie Robots, and I think that's it. Yeah.

He got a cute birthday hat at daycare. We went to Jennifer's for icecream. Matthias said he had cake at Daddy's (we'd spent the weekend in Nampa) so I thought that was license to forego a cake. Jennifer gave him a carwash as a gift! He loves going through the carwash. What a great gift; it serves both child and mother!

For dinner I took him and Anna and our friend Ben to JB's. The kids call Ben "the elmo guy" because he does a great Elmo impression! He babysits sometimes so I treated him as a thank you.

Anyway. My baby is four. My goal was to have all my kids (I wanted four) by the time I was 30, so that, in theory, they'd all be out of the house by the time I was 50. I'm 28. Chances are slim that I'll have two more kids in two years, as I haven't so much as a marriage prospect! Don't you hate when things don't go as planned?

Anyway. Bye now.