Friday, August 13, 2010

Names Vent

Disclaimer: This post contains my opinion. This post doesn't matter. If you disagree with my opinion, we can still be friends, I hope. I do pretend to be an authority on names, but I guess I'm not really, so please don't take anything here personally!

First of all, I dislike trendy names. Sometimes I like the actual names, but hate the trend. For example, I think the name Michaela is very cute. I can even abide SOME of the alternate spellings, like Mikayla. Remember when everyone was naming their girls some form of Michaela? I don't think that's cool.

I especially hate boy names used on girls, especially when it's trendy. Madison is the perfect example. There is nothing about Madison that looks or sounds feminine. It has the word "son" in it for crying out loud! Other masculine names I hate when used for girls are Morgan, Jordan, Jaden, Addison, Kadin, Riley, Payton(!!) and Taylor. How is Taylor feminine?

I also hate when people add the letter 'y' to a perfectly masculine name and apply it to their baby son. Like "Jordyn." Suddenly, the boy name LOOKS girlish. Sure, it's cutesy now, but when Jordyn is in Jr High, everyone will call him a girl. However, if you must use a boy name for your girl, then by all means, add a y. Madisyn actually LOOKS girly. Still sounds like a boy though.

I now conclude my name vent.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Funny Words

On the drive home from our vaycay to Utah (details to come), I tuned into my kids' imaginary play at about this point:

Anna: This is Kelly at The Ice Scoop, how can I help you?

Matthias: I would like some ice.

Anna: Really?

Matthias: Yes.

Anna: Okay. And then I got you some ice to your door....

Matthias: But it wasn't very much....

Anna: Uh-huh, it's a lot.

Then there was something about a snowman in a bucket.

ALSO. We wished on a star tonight. It was very bright and not the North Star so I think it's a planet. I told the kids I think it's a planet because it's bigger and brighter than the other stars. We did the whole "Starlight, Star Bright, first star I see tonight" thing anyway, even though it's not a star. Matthias wished for a puppy named Alexander with a collar. He said he knows he'll get one. Anna said "If his wish doesn't come true, it's a planet."

ALSO. We drove past Costco. Matthias read "Costco." Then he pointed out that there's a 't' in it, and so it says "Cost-co, not Cosco." Yes, son. Yes, that's right. I'm a little embarrassed that I've had nothing to do with my son learning how to read. I'm really not sure when it happened but he's surprising me all the time with the stuff he reads.

I love them. Ever so much.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Well on Monday, I dropped the kids off to Randy's for the whole week. He's supposed to have the kids four weeks in the summer but he's only taking them this week, which is fine by me. He never said anything so neither did I. Until last week. Suddenly he wanted to exercise his summer visitation even though the summer's almost over.

This has been a long week. So so long. Excruciating. I miss my kids so much. I get them back today and I can't wait. Only, Randy called today and said Anna wants to talk to me. So Anna asked if she can stay another few days at daddy's because she doesn't want to come home.

And so my heart broke but I kept a steady voice (somehow) and told her no, it's time to come home. She started to cry. And cry and cry and cry. And I wonder how can she possibly not want to come home? I must not be as awesome as I thought. :(

So I'm way bummed now. I'm makin the kids cookies now, and I hope Anna will be happy when she gets here, but I think she'll cry again. Even with the cookies. And dinner. FROWN.

PS Today I deactivated my Facebook account. Wonder how long it'll last. :)