Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Well, finally my efforts are paying off. I've had several interviews already and I have two today. The two I have today I think are the two I most want. One's for a jewelry store, and it's my second interview. One is for the administrative end of a Co-op. The latter is in Rexburg. The other is in Idaho Falls but I think it would pay the most. So, assuming I'm offered both positions, I think I'd take the co-op, just because it's closer.
I called my Relief Society president and asked if she knew of anyone I could call to ask to babysit while I'm interviewing. She said she thought her daughter would and she would ask and call back. It was about 30 mins before she called back. Her daughter couldn't do it, so she made several calls until she found someone for me! I thought that was great. She totally went the extra mile, just for me!
Well.... I'm off to my first interview!