Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Just stuff

So I had one interview today. I don't have a clue what happened to the other one. It was the one for the jewelry store. I even called this morning to make sure it was still a go and I was told yes and that I would get a call as to what time later today. Never got that call.
Oh well. The other one was for an accounting clerk at a co-op. Accounting. I don't even know why I tried, considering I have no experience in accounting. Well, the interview was exciting because it seems like a fabulous place to work and I REALLY want that job! So everyone send good thoughts about it!

Also, this really hot hot hot guy talked to me. Even when you're 27, receiving attention from hot men is exciting. :D He's from Meridian! I mean, he lives there. He's been hangin around my apartment yesterday and today because he was asked to do the weeding and trimming and yard work for the complex. So he's going back tomorrow. And I'll never see him again, which is sad because not only is he hot, and not only did he initiate a conversation with me, but he's in school to be a doctor. A SURGEON! $$$

Okay, anyway. Hehe. Speaking of dudes, there's another one who I think digs me. Lives here in my complex. Seems nice. Appears to be LDS (wears a BYU-I shirt a lot). He asked me and my kids to a picnic with him and his friends but I said no because one of his friends is my next door neighbor and I think this neighbor already thinks I like him and I don't so I didn't want to give him any more reason to believe that I do. I actually thought he was asking me because my next door neighbor wanted him to. So anyway, I said no. Shortly after they left, the same neighbor I think likes me came over to borrow salt. He didn't even go! So now I think he asked me because he digs me. :)
Or he's just being friendly?

Men. Why can't I just get married already? haha.

Bye now.

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