Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'd like to thank Michelle for inspiring this very important post

Boys I want to kiss:

Let's start with crushes of my youth. To the right we have Uncle Jesse. Have Mercy. Wow, right?

Below is my ultimate youth crush, Dean Cain. I actually had a framed pic of him in my room that my mom would take away when I stayed out past curfew. It was actually very effective. I was so jealous when he married that country singer. It's because of Dean Cain that my favorite number is 11 (he was #11 when he played for the Buffalo Bills)

Above is Mario Lopez, in case you didn't know. While all my friends were drooling over Zach Morris, I was fanning over AC Slater. Come on, dark, handsome, dimples?? Yeah.

And to the right we have Drew Fuller. Now, normally I don't go for pretty boys, but after watching Ultimate Gift, I found beauty in this pretty boy. If only for Drew, you should watch the movie.

Below, the timeless Brad Pitt. You can't go wrong Ah, Hugh Laurie, ladies. Sexiest MD in the
with Brad. world?

Taye Diggs! I discovered this impossibly attractive actor on the movie Brown Sugar. I know he's been in other things but I'd never met him before that movie (dumb movie, cute guy).

And last but not least, the winner, the taker of the cake, the sexiest man alive, I present Jeff:


Melanie said...

Yeah, gonna have to disagree on the Jeff GOldblume and on the one guy, Taye Laurie? the one after Brad Pitt.

Stephanie said...

Hugh. Hugh Laurie. It says Taye Laurie because of the stupid from-post-to-publish error. The hot black guy is Taye Diggs. And you're just plain wrong.

jjertmann said...

Yeah, I disagree on Jeff Goldblume too. He's cool and all, I just don't think he's all that hot. I do like Hugh Laurie, just a little old. I'm actually gonna have to disagree on the first three too. Sorry. I mean, I guess they're attractive, but they bug. I did watch the Ultimate Gift and pretty boy is in fact pretty.

Stephanie said...

Who, then, do you like, Janelle? ;)

michellmibel said...

I like your choices. Becca was just saying how she would choose Mario Lopez. Hehe.
I'm proud that I was able to inspire you in such a way.