Friday, February 13, 2009

New Poem

This is a very idealistic poem. It's not all that great, as far as the writing itself, but I kinda dig the content. This is my dream. This is what I want to have one day. And, call me crazy, but I believe it's possible

Dinner at the Taylors'

Mrs. Taylor sets the soup at 5:01
Amy and Michael
And Sam and Kate Taylor
Are seated, waiting;
It's almost 5:10.
The house smells of sparkling lemon
The books are back at the library
The insurance payment is mailed
And at 5:10
Mr. Taylor enters, drops his briefcase,
And Mrs. Taylor rushes to his flung-out arms
Like it's been nine days
Instead of nine hours
And he kisses her
Like it's been a week
Instead of a day.
A chorus of "Daddy!" and "Hey, Dad,"
Piles upon his senses
As more arms eagerly squish and wrinkle his sweaty suit.
"How was your day, Joshua?" asks Mrs. Taylor, when it's quiet again.
"I'll say in a minute. First
Tell me all about yours."
And as he listens,
He loosens his tie
Then sits at his dinner throne.
Mrs. Taylor empties a ladle into the king's bowl
Then sits his
"Let's pray," says Mr. Taylor
And the family folds their fingers
After, Mrs. Taylor says softly, "Now Joshua,
About your day,"
And he tells her.
And he tells her that the soup
Is delicious,
And the house looks beautiful
And so does she.
And he asks Amy about her ballet rehearsal
And Michael about his cello lesson
And Sam about his pet rock collection
And Kate about her loose tooth.
And everybody talks
And everybody laughs.
Then he says,
"Thank you, Jeannie, dinner was wonderful," at 6:12 or so
And the family clears the table together.