Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

So yesterday was my birthday. Now I'm 28 years old. Twenty-eight and dreadfully single! At least I have kids.
It was a rockin day. Woke up for class and Anna woke and said, "Is it your birthday?" I told her yes so she said, "Happy birthday!" and then she wrapped up one of her barbie dolls in a piece of cloth and gave it to me. What a little sweetie!
My dad texted me a little while later (that's right, my dad is hip) and I reminded him that my birthday marks his anniversary of becoming a father. Wow, he's been a parent for 28 years! Beans.
I went to my communications class and announced that it was my birthday. How else would they know, you know? I did NOT, however, expect them to sing to me, which they did. And one girl that I barely know made me a little card out of notebook paper! It was the sweetest thing!
Then I went to my religion class, which is probably my most difficult class -- emotionally. The class is Family Foundations and so the content is all about the importance of eternal marriage and eternal families and every class time my loneliness is magnified because I WANT A HUSBAND! And that class only makes such desires stronger. Can't wait till it's over.
Then I went to the daycares to pick up the kids. Anna's daycare first. I walked into her class, and the whole class said, "Happy birthday!" I felt special. Anna told on me. Her teacher told me she had told the class to say "happy birthday" when I walked in. She's five! She's gonna be a little party planner. Anna was eating lunch in a different classroom so I went to get her. She asked me if everybody said happy birthday to me. She's just so darn sweet! Takin care of me like that....
Then I went to get Mattie and no one said happy birthday when I got there. :) Boys! Haha, kidding.
We went to Jennifer's at her request and she got me a super cute shirt and made me a pie!
Lots of family called.
I thought it was over but then at 8:00 my visiting teacher and my neighbor came over with a balloon, a cake and a present! And a song. That was so cool! It was my only wrapped gift of the day and I LOVE unwrapping presents! It was a book. I was touched. It was very kind of them. They came in a visited for a while.
Then I stayed up till TWO (!!!) and did homework.

Dude. I'm going to be late to class.

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