Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kimmie, Kadin and Stephanie go to McCall

Coupla things. I got to Nampa on Friday a wee bit early and brought the kids to my parents. I had Dad give Matthias a blessing, hoping to remove the ADHD or whatever it is that is causing his impulsiveness and aggression. And, hooray, he was so blessed! And he's already doing markedly better. In fact, on Tuesday (yesterday), his daycare teacher pulled me aside to talk to me (which she never does, usually I'm the one who asks how he's been doing, which is no problem of course) and said how great Matty was on Monday. She said he was calm and cooperative and delightful. Yesterday another of his "teachers" said he hasn't been having his fits lately. Now, whether his sudden change in behavior was a direct result of the blessing remains to be seen. Not that I doubt that what was spoken in the blessing will come to pass, because I don't, but I have no clue what God's timeframe is on it.

So many reasons I love being a Mormon. :D

Oh, side note: Apparently, I have readers who are against me, and who use my postings against me and to start contention, so in the near future, I will be setting this to private. Which means anyone who wants to read my blog will have to have an email invitation. Anyone who's on my list will automatically receive one. Anyone else, please let me know.

On Saturday, my favorite friend Kimmie, her boy and my boy Kadin (I'll ever claim him as my stepson!), and I went to McCall to see the ice sculptures at the ice festival. Click for an example of a really cool sculpture from a past festival:
Really cool sphinx

Well, they have dozens of sculptures. I'd never been so I was excited. When we got there we were hungry, and my dad had given me some money, knowing I'm broke, for lunch! Thanks, Dad! So we had super expensive burgers that were delicious but took forever since there were so many people. Everything is expensive in McCall. $6 for a burger is silly, if you ask me. But, again, it was delicious.

Then we went in search of parking. Found such. Then we went in search of sculptures. Here's the ones we saw:

Look, Kadin is gonna be on our $1000 bill!

check out her crazy windblown hair
And that's it. Seriously? Yes. We went to the place Kim said they usually have a gathering of sculptures, but there were none. So we walked around the town and found no more. So we found a map from a grumpy store owner and we tried to read it but none of us do maps. And it only confused us more. Apparently, there are 31 sculptures, but we didn't know where they were stashed. Probably in a cellar somewhere.

We did see the grand prize one, and it was AWESOME, but we only drove by it, so here's the best I could do:

Well, we were disappointed, but we had fun doing other things. I walked off the normal path to take such pictures as this:

And then I fell into snow-quicksand. I sunk to my knee, which forced gallons of snow up my pant leg up to my knee. I had Kim take a picture:I love that girl and everything, but you can't even appreciate how deep my the snow is around my leg! Of course, I was rushing her; my entire leg was shriveling into a stick of goosebumps.

Then we went for hot chocolate/coffee/icecream.
We don't really know why he wanted ice cream. But, at least he didn't eat the yellow snow.

And I said, Kim, Kadin, look here, I'm taking a picture!
So here's what happened. As I was shooting, Kadin found a hair in his icecream. He's holding it. Check out that expression! Classic.
We tried again.
Oh my cuteness.

I had mint hot chocolate. It was divine.
Kadin tripped. I, being insensitive, snapped a picture, while laughing.

What a cute kid. Man, I miss him. So do Anna and Mattie.I do have a very few more photos I wanna post, but I'm gonna be late for class. BYE!


HappyClimate said...

Those pictures are so amazing. I am happy for Matthias. That is awesome.

Brandi said...

Hey ditcher! Glad you guys had fun. My son was totally disappointed that Kadin didn't come see him but I think he was just jealous. Can't believe you are going private, not that I blame you but your blogs are so entertaining.

Stephanie said...

well I'd send you an invite. Sorry I didn't go! Kimmie made me do it! Haha jk. Thanks for being entertained by my blog!