Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Best Day!

First of all, the guy I like came over to babysit for me. I wanted to go to the temple, and he'd already said to call him if I ever need a sitter. So I asked him yesterday, totally forgetting that it's Valentine's Day, and you just don't ask a guy to babysit on Valentine's Day! Oh well, he said yeah. And he got here at like 2 and I left to the temple and the temple was closed. On valentine's day? What about all the Mormons who wanna get married on Love Day? I guess they had to go somewhere else. So I came back. And the guy stayed and we talked for an hour and a half. And now he's gone. Sniff. Anyway, he mostly talked about the girls he likes and how he's gonna ask one of 'em out for a date tonight and he had me read the poems he wrote her.

Oh, Cry.

Oh well. I had a good time having an adult over. An attractive, male adult. Who is several years my junior.

Second, KIMMIE AND KADIN ARE COMING TODAY! Hooray, jump off the couch and squeal! I can't even wait.


Melanie said...

Oh sad. Sorry that your day went as bad as it did. :( Kim and Kadin are going down to visit, or to live??

HappyClimate said...

That stinks! So are you giving up on him now?

Brandi said...

an attractive male who waits until the day of to ask the girl out? ah, boys, what to do with them.... Hi my K & K, drive careful!