Friday, February 20, 2009


Holy cow, what a week. It's midterm. This week I had a science test, a humanities test, a big ol' humanities paper due, a mandatory book group, a meeting with a tutor, a communications writing assignment, and the rest of my normal assignments. I haven't cleaned my house all week. And I'm not even done with school. Tomorrow I have a mandatory career workshop that's three hours long, and then I have to attend a choir performance for my humanities class. I've never been so stressed mentally since my days at Snow. AGH!

So here's how it went. Not well. Tuesday was my humanities test. Um, yeah, that's my stuff. I fully expected an A. Nope. B. A low B even. I was pretty upset about that. I know this stuff! I know about literature and poetry and art! Actually, not so much art, and I think that's where I went wrong. Oh well. There was an essay and poetry analysis that hasn't been graded yet, so hopefully that will boost my grade. I think it will, actually. At least to a high B.

Science has been really tough. Radioactivity and atomic weight and JJ Thompson do nothing for me. I don't care. I don't care about uranium 238. I try. But I don't care. And it confuses me. I don't get it. And then element equations? Come on! It's just beyond me, and I really do try to understand it, but nothing clicks. So my science test was yesterday. I met with a tutor for an hour. I thought I had a handle on things a little better after that. I went to the testing center straight after tutoring, and managed to get 64%. When I saw that score, I experienced a strange mixture of relief and despair. I was seriously so, so glad I passed! But, my desire for A's caused a great disappointment.

I spent 2.5 hours yesterday on my book report. This is not just any book report. Had to be all formal and pretty and perfect and had several parts (Summary, character analysis, style, research, bibliography, etc.) and I had to use quotes from the book and it had to be all MLA and anyway, I was almost done when it was time for my book group meeting (about the very book I was reporting) so I saved it. I was using a computer at the campus library. It was due today by 5. Anyway, I did the book meeting and then went to pick up my kids. And then did homework all afternoon.

Today, I went back to the library to retrieve my report and finish it and print it and turn it in. I couldn't find it. I panicked, asked an employee what to do. She sent me a tech guy to recover my document. He checked three different computers in case I might have guessed the wrong one. Nope. It was gone. I had to start the whole thing over. It took me, no joke, four hours to write three pages. I've lost it. You don't understand, it was so hard finding the right quotes from the book (it's only 370 pages) and then I'm totally out of practice with MLA usage so I had to research that . . . . UGH! I turned that baby in at 4:49, and I know I will cry if I don't get an A on it.

My kids will have a mommy again Sunday.

P.S. Ben has a girlfriend. :(

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Melanie said...

Oh the business of college life. Of course, I never did it with kids...
Sorry about your lost paper. That's awful.