Monday, February 16, 2009


He said: I don't know if she doesn't like me or if she wants me to make another move.
I said: Don't you hate the game? Maybe you like it. I hate the game.
Him: I do too. Wait a minute. Didn't you say you just wanna get married? But you don't like the game? How does that work?
Me: All I want is some guy to come over, introduce himself, ask me to marry him, and we'll live happily ever after.
Him: You sound like my roommate.
Me: That's funny.
Him: I have a question. Be open, okay?
Me: Absolutely.
Him: President Kimball said any two righteous people can make a marriage work. How's next Saturday work for you?
Me: [squealing inwardly] That is not romantic
Him: You didn't say anything about wanting romance!
Me: Well I'd at least like the guy on his knee!
Him: I'm on my knee now.
Me: You're typing on your knee?
Him: Only for you.

That is some paraphrasing and some direct quotes from a typed conversation I had with a very attractive young man today. You know, the one I've been writing a little about. The one who came over Saturday to babysit. After this part of the conversation, we decided to change our facebook status to "engaged" for the beans of it. We decided we'd be engaged for three days on facebook. THEN, he said, whoever gets the most comments makes the other person dinner. I said it's a deal.

Would that be a date? Did he just ask me out? I don't even know! I hope so. :D Either way, being asked to marry by the guy I've been crushin on since April last is very satisfying. :) Regardless of where this goes (likely it goes nowhere), this day will have been a great day. :D

Not to mention, Kim and Kadin being here all weekend was AWESOME! I love those guys so so so so so so much. Kim is the best friend anyone could ever want and Kadin is just simply one awesome kid, I'm so glad they're in my life! We had a really fun weekend and I totally regret that I didn't get one picture while they were all here! DUH!

Bye now.


HappyClimate said...

Holy cow! Yes that is him asking you on a date. Remember how that feels? That is so cool. I am going to go on Facebook and comment a ton so he will have to make you dinner. Hurray for Stephanie!

Stephanie said...

thanks Shelly!

paulandcherisvreeken said...

That's awesome!!! I'm with HappyClimate here.... I'm posting up!!! I'm so excited for you. Real perposal or not that's adorable!!!

I hope you have fun at dinner!!! You better make him somethin good!!!

HappyClimate said...

What the Hey!? What is up with that!? Why is he flirting so much with you and hinting at a future date if he is trying to hook up with some other girl. Boys are so oblivious sometimes.