Sunday, February 22, 2009

Anna's adult wisdom

I've been feelin really bad about gettin a divorce lately. I mean, for my kids. I don't wish I was still married to Randy. I do wish I'd chosen better, and that my kids lived in a two parent home. So I feel bad. It's been weighin on my mind.
Today I told Anna, "I'm sorry I got a divorce."
She said "We could live in Nampa" and I was about to remind her that even if we lived in Nampa, we still wouldn't live with her dad, but she spoke before I got to it.
She said, "why did Daddy want to marry someone else?"
I said, "I don't know, sweetie."
She said softly, knowingly, "Maybe Dawn is the bestest for my daddy."
I thought a moment before saying, "maybe she is."
My little thinker.
Then she said, perhaps worried that she may have hurt my feelings, "But you're the best mommy." I just love that girl!

Well. I do think Randy and Dawn deserve eachother. :)

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