Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Children

I'm reading a book called A Thousand Splendid Suns for one of my classes. It's by the author of The Kite Runner. It says that on the cover. Every so often, I have Anna read a small word, so I pointed to "The" and she read it. Then I told her to read the next word, but first I told her the silent e rule. Then, I pointed to "kite." She read it. Boom, just like that, "kite," no sounding out, no stuttering, she just read it like she's known it her whole life! Astonishing! I did a little dance and had her try "runner."
What she said: "err uhh nn nn" then she stopped. I told her what "er" says. Then she said "err uh nn nn er" and I thought she'd forever be tripped up over the double n, but then she said, "Runner!"

She's my genius! I'm so excited! Also, she can count to 100 and she knows all the planets in order from the sun, and she doesn't start Kindergarten till the fall.

Okay, Matthias is also a genius. He loves tools and I got him a play set for Christmas. Oh, wait, let's give credit where credit is due, Santa got it for him. Today he found my screw driver that has a thing in it that you can turn around to either make a phillips or a flathead. He wanted to play with that. I might be a bad mom, but I said okay, just be very careful. He fixed the dresser and such, made his usual pretend rounds. Then he starts to work at an actual screw, which is holding the door latch thing for my closet. He totally removed the screw! And then, being responsible, he screwed it right back in!

I don't know if that's above average or absolutely normal or what, but I don't care, I'm completely impressed and proud. Anna was proud too. She said, "he's Handy Manny!" (a Nickelodean cartoon who fixes stuff). Cute! "He's really good at that!"

Then Mattie let Anna have a try, and he gave her praise too. "Good Girl!" he said. I don't like that though. But Anna did, so that's all that counts!

I love them.

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Melanie said...

It seems pretty smart on both counts. The dexterity required to screw and unscrew a screw, (too many of that word) seems like it would be a quality that most don't get until later.