Friday, February 13, 2009

Arctic Circle

Today, I received a totally unexpected check from work. I thought I'd already received my severance pay, but I guess that was from my last weeks there, duh. So I took the kids to Arctic Circle. They just put in a play zone and I thought the kids would like to play on the slides, since we haven't gone to a park in ages. I bought us all icecream, just to buy the right to play on the playzone. They had so much fun. Here's some super cute pictures.

How can you not love them with all your heart? They're so beautiful.

So there was this kid who was driving me crazy. He kept racing Matthias and grabbing and pushing him out of the way. He'd slide down with Matthias, ON TOP of him, like both of them on their stomachs, and the kid on top of Matty. Matty had no complaints though. He seemed to be enjoying being roughed up. But it bothered me. It was dangerous. My son could have been hurt. I kept waiting for this kid's mom to yell at him but she didn't care that her boy was pushing my kid around. I was considering confronting her and asking her to please tell her son to stop squishing my son down the slide, and to stop shoving him out of the way but then I had Matthias come to me and I told him to stop going down the slide with the other kid, that he had to go down alone. The other kid heard me I think, and then things got better.

It's just that, if my kid was shoving another kid (and this has happened, on several occasions), I would take care of it.

The End.

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Melanie said...

Those are really cute pictures. Mattie looks really young, like, not old like he is in my mind. Meaning, since he is older than Morgan, he isn't very young... but not in those pictures.