Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What Joy

I swear, my kids are the brightest stars in the galaxy.

I went to get them Saturday after our longest separation ever. I knew I missed them. I worried about them and prayed for them daily. I missed them powerfully. But, when I saw them . . . . My joy at our reunion was greater than my sorrow at our separation! Randy and I met at the old Movie Gallery and I could scarcely contain myself when I saw the face of first my son and then my daughter. And then when I held them each again, I couldn't hold in my tears.

I LOVE THEM I LOVE THEM I LOVE THEM! They were so excited to see me that they didn't shut up the entire trip, especially Matthias. It was so cute! I said, "I missed you so much that I never want to leave you that long again!" and Anna said, "Don't even do it, Mom." So cute!
These past few days with them have been wonderful. Usually there is an readjustment period when they get home from their Dad's. I expected this adjustment would be more difficult than in the past because of the length of time they were away. But, it really went flawlessly. No breakdowns, no fits of stubborn bed-going refusal, no screams of "BUT I WANT IT!" like normally happens. I think everyone was just really happy to be home together, and they went right back into the routine as if it'd never been broken. What wonderful children I have.

No love exceeds a mother's love. I'm so grateful to be a mother, and I'm so grateful to be a mother to Anna and Matthias, the most amazing children in all the world. I can't imagine a greater, more fuller joy than what they specifically bring me.
When I was about 16, I thought my mother was the greatest. In fact, since I loved no other mortal more powerfully, I was certain that I loved my mother more than she loved me. I couldn't conceive of a greater love than what I felt for her. I told her that a few times, that I loved her more than she loved me. I never meant it as an insult and I hope she never took it that way. And she would always just quietly shake her head like she knew I was wrong. I knew I was right. But now I know that I was so, so wrong. No love exceeds a mother's love. Except only God's love for each of us.
Mushy gushy blah blah. I'm just so happy to have my kids home.
Here's some random pictures, eh.
After about three consecutive days of miserable, conniving snow (my apartment): Good luck getting out, neighbor:
This was during the first snow fall. Took a shot out my windshield at a stoplight. I thought the roads were bad. I had no idea that this was only a mild warning of what's to come:

On Anna's birthday, we went to see Santa. Matthias asked for Handy Manny, and Santa said "what?" Matthias repeated himself, and Santa seemed confused. Clearly, he's going senile. Surely his elves have made thousands of Handy Mannys. I said, "come on, Santa.... You know, that fix it guy on Nickelodeon?" And then he remembered. I was embarrassed for him.

Oh, Matty's holding a pez dispenser because he and Anna both insisted on bringing a toy to show Santa.

Here's Anna, and she wanted to show him her new Barbie. She asked him for a Diamond Castle, which he failed to deliver, much to Anna's disappointment. Darn that Santa.

Chris, Christine, Kaien and Emmy:

Melanie and Aaron:

Jaybo and his girlfriend Shelly. Met her for the first time during Christmas. I dig her:

Mom opening the present I got her and Dad - a collage frame filled with pictures of my family. I think she liked it:

Christmas Eve dinner, the best of all meals. Can't figure out why everyone looks so upset though; the food was fabulous:

Oh Christmas tree, before half the presents were added:

One of my favorite Martin Family staples of Christmas morning, a fire:

Morgan. I don't believe I snapped this shot. With a pen mustache:

Aaron got Melanie the favorite of all gifts. It's called Last Night on Earth: the Zombie Game. Or something like that. Most addictive board game I've ever encountered by a long shot. We all loved it.


HappyClimate said...

I dig you too! Hee hee. I am glad that you got Anna and Matthias back, that must be difficult to let them go visit.

Stephanie said...

indeed it is.