Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Dance

One thing is true: I will never do that again.
First, I tried to find the YSA (Young Single Adults for the few of my readers who aren't familiar with LDS terminology) dance. I knew there was one, and I thought it might be in Rexburg, and even though the YSA group is for kids 18 to 30, I thought I'd rather stay in Rexburg than go to Idaho Falls for the SA group, which is for singles 30 and up. I'm kinda looking for a guy in his 30's so the SA dance was initially more appealing. I couldn't find any information for the YSA one. So I got ready. Not a lot to work with, but something like this is the finished product:

I had on a super cute outfit but it's hard to take a picture of your outfit by yourself. I had called my sister for advice on what to wear to these things and she told me jeans. I was happy not to have to dress up.
Alright, so I'm all ready. I drive to Idaho Falls. Find the place with ease. I pull in, and by the entrence I see these people:

I park and cry. I'm severely underdressed. I decided I would stay in my car until I saw someone dressed like me. Then I saw these gals:
Well if they can wear pajamas, I can wear jeans. Yay!
I'm talking myself into getting out of the car when another car parks right next to me to my right. And I mean RIGHT next to me. I think the woman parked ON the line. She then swings her door open and slams it into my car. I may have been a little upset, but this is her:
She shouts, in crazy-little-old-lady accent, "Shorry! Didn't mean to catch yer door!" and then shuffles toward the building.
My "are you serious?":
Oh dear. I text my sister in panic. She replies saying if that's the competition for the guys closer to 30, I'll be pretty popular. Alright. I take a breath and step outside, briefly inspect the passenger door of my car, find no damage in the dark, and walk to the door everyone else is going in because I would be very embarrassed to use the door closest to my car if that's not the thing to do.
First thing I see is this guy:
My mental reaction:
Can you see the trepidation in my eyes? I brave my way into the dance area. I see the crazy old lady who caught my door dancing like it's 1999. She was dancing with or near another similarly aged man. Here's who else was there:
He stared at me for a little while. Also present:
Isn't it cute? They were all over. There were some younger people, too. Like this guy:

and this couple:

They're cute, but you really have to laugh, right? Here's me trying not to:
But, mostly, it was a LOT of these folks:

I can't think of a time I felt more out of place. I did one more walk around, just in case there was any group of people less likely to die of old age any hour, but no such luck. It quickly became hard to breathe in so foreign a surrounding. I made a hasty getaway and sat in my car for a minute thinking about the wasted trip I'd made.


Anonymous said...

Funny pictures Stephanie. I enjoyed the post. You looked very pretty. Maybe you should start with the younger group.


Melanie said...

Oh dear. Yes, Stephanie, Aaron and I both laughed while reading this post. Twas funny indeed. Sorry I led you to wear jeans and enter the old person dancing realm. My bad.

Wayne said...

That was hilarious Stephanie. Very funny and, BTW, you look great! I took some time here at work to read it and I really had to contain myself not to laugh out loud.

HappyClimate said...

LOL, I am sorry that turned out such a failure, you looked cute anyway. :)

Stephanie said...

thanks everone!

Anonymous said...

haha sucks to be you, soooo ugly

Jana Lee Bumblebee said...

At least you made a funny blog out of a ridiculous situation. Give yourself a big pat on the back & take up comedy writing after hours. You might as well get some mileage out of this.