Saturday, January 17, 2009

FHE, Newborns, Fish

For Family Home Evening on Monday, we made Jesus books. I remember when I was a kid, Mom got us a little photo album and we put pictures of Jesus in it so we could have something to look at during the Sacrament service at church, rather than being bored and disruptive. My kids get bored and disruptive at church (and I'm relatively certain mine are the only ones who are sometimes inappropriately loud) so I thought we'd attempt the same thing. We got old church magazines and found pictures of Jesus and cut them out and glued them on the little paper books we made. Anna thought it was pretty fun, but Matthias pretty much threw a fit the entire time. Until pictures. Here's a view of the final product:

He's saying, "look Mommy, that's what we have at church!" or something like that.

Fast forward to yesterday, 1.16. Jennifer (mi prima, who lives in Rexburg, thank goodness I have family here) had her third baby. I watched her kids while she went to deliver a child. Here she is, just about to head out the door. Why can't we all look this good 8 hours before bearing a child?
The kids were being really good playing in the bedroom. I could hear them play, which is a good sign (parents know that too-quiet is dangerous). I decided to see what they were doing. I found the four of them in Jaden and Jenna's closet:

This is just cute. Jenna:
Jaden and Jenna were twirling with the belts:
Today, I took the kids to the hospital to see their new second cousin.
Pizza face
Oh, man, he's beautiful, no? The sweetest little thing. I didn't wanna return him to his mother.
Momma and babe.
There's a fish tank in one corrider of the hospital. Matthias cannot resist stopping at any fish tank. Don't you love his face? I love his face.
Here he is through the tank.
And Anna, who, with her coat and hat, looks like a scuba diver. :)

The End.

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Melanie said...

Oh my goodness, he is a really cute baby. I want one...