Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Prayer of a Child

Kids can sure break your heart. Yesterday Anna said, "I wish I had a daddy named Randy in Rexburg." She makes such comments from time to time.
I emphatically hate that my kids have to live this part of their life in a single parent home. It is not ideal. It is not fair to them. They did nothing to deserve it. They get to be raised by daycares who can't offer them the full attention they need and deserve, by kind and qualified providers who can never love my children like I do. Now that I have school, the kids are in daycare for 10 hours two days a week. The other days are about 8 hours. I just keep telling myself that in a few years, it will all be worth it, when I have enough knowledge to make enough money to support my family in minimal hours. But for now, it's really hard. My kids are such such troopers. They never complain about their lot. Sadly, the don't know any different.

And then, in her prayer last night, she said "Please bless I'll get a new daddy in Rexburg."

I say the same prayer every night, with somewhat different wording. :)

Poor girl. She misses having both a mommy and a daddy, at the same time. Breaks my heart that it bugs her so bad. Breaks my heart that I can do nothing about it. Can't go back in time and change things, you know.

What do I say to her to comfort her? I did tell her that I think I'll find a husband who will take care of all of us. She said it's taking too long. Tell me about it. I told her that sometimes Heavenly Father wants us to wait a long time so we can be sure to get the best thing. Maybe it's taking so long because God is making sure He's picking the best possible man for us, I told her.
Well, it's a nice thought. :)

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