Saturday, January 17, 2009

The After

Laid off and okay! Scary that I have no income but bills don't stop. BUT, God always takes care of me and I know He won't let me down now. I totally trust that whatever happens now, He'll take care of us. He usually has a plan that I never even conceive of, so I'm excited to see what's coming up next. Of course, I'll be doing everything I can to support myself and my kids.

The few places I've visited are not hiring. The school is even on a hiring freeze. Melaleuca isn't even hiring. But, all is well.

So, I have to tell you a few things Anna has said the past few days that have cracked me up. Yesterday I was babysitting for Jennifer while she gave birth to Jonah Josiah Davis (oh, he is beautiful). Anna and Jennifer's son Jaden were pretending to be bees. Anna said I was a bee too. I said okay. She then tried to attach a popsicle stick to my back. I said ow. She said "I'm giving you your stinger." I said "I don't want a stinger." She said, "Okay, you can be a different species."

What? I swear, my five year old is smarter than I am.

Today, Anna and I were singing and dancing to a song. When the kids were at Randy's for Christmas Break, and I was going NUTS missing them, I learned the song "So Lonely" from the kid movie Seventh Brother. I have the sheet music for it and I realized it totally fit what I was feeling when my kids were gone. So I learned it on the piano and I sang it like a hundred times a day, which only magnified my self pity. :) Anyway, Anna loves it, and sometimes if I start to sing it, Anna will ask me to stop because "it makes the tears come out." My little sensitive darling. So, ANYWAY. Today I was singing it, Anna and I were dancing together, and when I got to the line that says "Someone somwhere hear my pleas . . ." Anna said "Jesus will always hear you. He hears everything." I affirmed her statement. She said, "Yeah, 'cause Jesus gots God ears." God ears? Wha-- Like, how does she come up with this stuff? She's amazing.

Whenever I brag about Anna I feel like I have to brag about Matthias too. Well let's see. Today he's been singing along with Veggietales' Silly Songs with Larry. I love how he loves to sing. He says I Love to See the Temple is his favorite song, and whenever we drive by the Rexburg temple, he gets so so so excited and says, "That's the Rexburg temple!" and sometimes, "I'm going to get married there someday." And my heart swells up with pride. That's right, son. Temple marriage.

Which reminds me about Anna. She's having a hard time at daycare. She doesn't know whom to marry. One day she's going to marry Bowen. The next, it's Tyson. Tyson, Bowen, Tyson, Bowen. Today she said she'll marry Bowen, and then she can marry someone else after. And I told her no, she only gets to marry one person, she can't just change her mind after she's married. I also told her she has plenty of time to choose a husband. It sucks that her mom and dad are horrible examples of marrying only one person. Well, her dad anyway (and he's actually had 3 weddings). I have still only been married to one person. But I do intend to remarry, which sends the loud and clear message that it's okay to get married, then divorced, then married again, even though I tell her once is all she gets. Such are the consequences of a failed marriage wherein children were born.

All because I made a poor choice. Anyone who is dating right now -- CHOOSE WELL! Don't ignore red flags! If he spends four hours with another woman, pays for her dinner and hangs out in her apartment while she cries on his shoulder -- that's a sign. Don't sweep it under the rug. If he's unemployed -- for crying out loud, at least wait till he gets a job. Unless it's 2009 and he got laid off and is trying very hard to find a job. :) If his mother warns you -- RED FLAG! Holy beans. Listen, if something just doesn't seem right, think about your future children. That was another error on my part. I never once thought about my future. I only thought about now. Anyway, I'm full of preachy advice about relationships and I have a lot of hindsight. I'm like a love doctor. Come to me, dear ones, with your relationship troubles, and I will guide you through. :D


Melanie said...

Your kids make me laugh.

Ashlee Garn said...

Reading your posts makes me laugh...because I can hear your voice in my head from YEARS and YEARS ago! Honestly, how long has it been since I've seen you?