Friday, September 5, 2008

TONS of pictures (family reunion)

Here are just a few pics of the reunion. There will be more coming. This is more for my benefit than anyone else's so don't feel bad if you don't wanna look. :) I started from the bottom.

Uncle Matthew playing with Clara (Janelle and Josh's), Anna and Matthias:
Kaien, Clara and Emmy playing behind some stacked tables:
Gross nasty that was all over all the trees:
Look into my eyes. Uncle Matthew.
Clara and Anna playing by the water fountain. This was a very favorite activity among the little ones.
Haha, Lori eating and Tyler watching very carefully:Happy birthday Cameron. That one's my brother and it was his birthday. Behind him are Casey and Jaybo, also my brothers.
I dig this photo. I found them like that, all four folding their arms. Bryton (Mark and Gena's son), Chris (my brother), Justen (Mark and Gena's), and Tyler (my son. I mean, Lori and Mike's. I was his mom for a year though. I love him oh so much.)
Cousin Jacob's wife, Mindy. Ain't she cute?

food time. I was seriously planning to name every person in this one, but..... no.
Uncle Dan and some handsome cousins.
cousin Ashley, cousin Brittany, cousin Emalee, Aunt Arleta, cousin Tyler:
Aunt Kim, cousins Kevin, Michelle and Julianne, and Aunt Amy are in this photo:
In line for food. Uncle Curtis, Aunt Lori, cousin Diana, her hubby Jorge, and maybe cousin Sheldon

Anna's first flight. Sitting across the aisle from us and such a good sport:

Matty's first flight after he settled down:
cute silhouette:
Josh (Cousin Janelle's husband), EmaLee and her dad, Uncle Mark
Grandpa and baby Nolan, Janelle and Josh's baby.

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