Monday, September 8, 2008

Alright, alright

I've had a few requests for date details. I'll always indulge my readers, few though they may be.

His name is Scott. He is cute. He is 30. Great age. Never married. He was a gentleman. We talked about lots of things. He was very easy to talk to. He's got two years left of school and he's studying geology. We went to the mountains in Ashton, ID and had a picnic of sorts and hung out by the really cool river. It was cold and I was glad I brought my jacket. Oh, it was a blind date. My cousin Jennifer set us up. She just moved here (again) with her family and it AWESOME having her here.

Anyway. He showed me how to flyfish and then we fed bread to some bread eating fish. I liked him and I had a good time on the date and I'd like to go out with him again but he didn't ask. Oh well.

He does agree with homeschooling like I do. He hates TV like I do. He likes adventures and so do I. He hates movies, though, and I love 'em. :)

It was a great experience regardless whether I see him again.

Happy now? OH, Pamela, notice in that picture of me, do you see that picture on my piano? Do you remember it? You gave that beauty to me! I love it.


Jana Lee Bumblebee said...

OK--so that's more like it. Cuteness scale?

Stephanie said...

Lol you're so funny! Mmmm, I'd say like 7.5