Friday, September 5, 2008

More pictures, still more to come

Talent show!Our T-shirts. Ours were the best, I have to say:Caleb and Dallin, the youngest cousins:
Our lame talent:
This was one of my favorites! You had to have been there. Here are Chantel, Sara and Amy. Chantel (which could be Shantel) and Amy are Ray's kids. Sara is Ray's son Kenny's wife.
Pretty Clara after playin in the water:Anna, Matthias and Morgan:
Jenna in the dog carrier:
Jaybo on the fiddle, Mom on the flute, Casey on the GItar. We're practicing for our lame talent.
Emmy and Morgan playing on the tables:


Melanie said...

You got some good pictures. I managed to get a total of like, 7 pictures, and they are all from breakfast Saturday morning. Lame me!

Stephanie said...

that's funny.