Sunday, September 7, 2008

MORE pictures

on our way home. So cute, they were playing with ponies together.The flight from Denver to Boise was cool because it was a little plane which made it a much more fun flight since you could feel the turbulence more. And it wasn't as high so you could see the ground better. Plus it was cool because it was cloudy.
American Falls Reservoir, bird's eye view:
I don't know what this is but I liked it:
the kids conked on this flight finally:

This is one of my former daughters, Brittany, with my current daughter Anna. I love how my daughters bonded. Brittany's like 12 now I think and Anna just loved her. Love this pic.Matthias really wanted to get in the dog carrier like his cousin Jenna did but no one would let him.
Me and the grandparents!
Joe doing his pizza dance talent:
Juliann. Michelle -- doesn't Valerie look like Julieann?

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