Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rad Vaycay -To Crowder State Park, MO

The coolest feature in my car was that I could control some radio settings from the steering wheel. So way awesome.

Oh, I stepped out of the airport (forgot to say earlier) and I could feel the air. As if I wasn't carrying enough stuff, now I had to carry the air around, too. It was heavy and it was sticky and it was wet and I felt like I was losing weight as I walked. I was sweating after, like, one minute of being outside. My lungs felt oppressed. I'd never experienced humidity like that before. It was something else.

Missouri is calm and serene and green and beautiful. I guess I can't speak for the whole state. But freeway travel was much more enjoyable than it is here in the desert because it was so green. Miles and miles of trees and greenness. Oh, and the freeway roads are FAR superior to the freeway here. It was a smooth ride the whole time I was on it. The speed limit is 70 which I thought was weird. Weirder still was that drivers stuck to it. I am accustomed to traveling five or ten miles faster than what the speed limit sign dictates, and that's just what you do around here. But that's not what you do in Missouri. I did anyway. Habits die hard. It was a new experience to pass, like, everyone, and to be passed very rarely.

Just before entering a construction zone, posted was a sign with a message that eased my stress because it caused me to laugh aloud. I laughed and laughed and pictured possible scenarios and wished I could have stopped to snap a photo. But I looked it up and found it, and here's exactly what it looked like except it was out of doors. On the freeway.

Isn't that funny? Well, shoot, there goes my day plans.

I exited the freeway and continued the rest of the journey on highways. The highways in MO are worse than the freeways here.

I saw a roadkilled possum.

I'm really tired and today was the kids' first day at daycare and my first full day at work and my first day on the phone at work and it was a long but good day and now I will go to bed.

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