Monday, August 18, 2008


Like, so totally weird. I have felt like I've been completely over my ex husband for quite a few months now but this wedding of his forced yucky memories and lovely memories- which are as unpleasant as the yucky ones- into my immediate consciousness. I had a rough week before the wedding, remembering the pain of that day he told me he doesn't love me anymore and on through the next months of hell to remembering the day he moved her into our apartment (which I wasn't living in at the time). I haven't thought about that stuff for a long time so the reminder wasn't fun. But now that they're married, it's over and I'm cool again. :)

So I took my kids to Nampa for their daddy's wedding. Anna was a flower girl. Kim, the best friend ever ever, picked up Anna for me from the wedding so I wouldn't have to go see the bliss that once was mine. What, I'm human, alright? I can't believe he expected me to pick my kids up from his wedding! Anyway, I'm really glad he's married because he's been living with her for over a year and now he's a better example to the kids. So Kim picked up Anna and Kadin and brought Anna to me and she looked so darn cute in her dress. She was being grumpy and wouldn't pose nicely for pictures but I did my best. Here's the two of them in their wedding clothes:

I love this one of Kadin because I think Matthias looks a lot like this! And he looks like the younger Kadin and not the growing-way-too-fast Kadin. Wow I miss this boy:And here's the cutest one of Anna that she allowed. She wouldn't even let me get on of just her. I like this one of the two of 'em.So the bride and groom didn't want Matthias there at the wedding because he had an eye infection (Which Matthias calls "Eye cafection"). I had to pick him up on Friday night and his eyes did look pretty bad. The next day I did some research on home remedies for conjunctivitis and bought some eyedrops and a health store and the infection cleared up in less than 24 hours! He's had it before and he was prescribed something and it still took a few days to clear. I swear, sometimes you don't need a doctor, man. The eye drops cost me $12 which I thought was a little high but I didn't have to take him to quick care or the ER so I saved a lot of $ there, and I think the prescription would have cost more too. Well I really wanted Matthias to at least be in the pictures so he won't look back in the family photo album and ask me one day, "Mommy, why wasn't I at daddy's wedding?" At which time, of course, I'll refer him to his father. I do understand that a wedding is very stressful and no one wants to think to remember to give eye meds to a preschooler when they're worrying about making sure the rings are where they should be and the wedding party is ready and all that stuff. By the afternoon of the wedding, he was lookin a bit like this:Poor little dude. But it's totally clear now. And he was such a good sport; he never whined about it one time to me, and he even let me put the eye drops in. We went shopping with Kim (I didn't buy anything of course) and we had a great time with him; he was being so sweet all day. And we spent like 9 hours with Kim and that's so not like me, to be with someone that's not my family for so long. But I could have even stayed longer. She bought Matt and me lunch, AND she gave me money for gas!!! I didn't want to take it but she insisted and I will be making it up to her at some point.

There y'are then. The man I committed forever to is now married to the woman he fell in love with while I was in love with him. Kinda sad, huh. But not really. It's just weird -- weird that I'm divorced, weird that he's married, weird that "the other woman" (as Randy himself calls her) has the same last name as me, weird that my kids have a step mom and several step siblings, weird that I'm a single mom, weird that I live in Rexburg which is full of single LDS men who are 22 years old. LOL.

I do hope he treats her better than he treated me, I hope she treats him better than I treated him, I hope they treat the kids well and are sensitive to their changing world, and I do hope they find bliss in marriage and that they hang on for the long haul.

Happy marriage Randy and Dawn.


Melanie said...

His eyes really don't look that bad...
Anna's dress is cute. Kadin is serioulsy getting old. I thought Mattie looks like him in the first pic you have up.

jjertmann said...

Cute pics! That does sound like a weird day. Your optimism is good though.