Saturday, August 2, 2008

Job Interview

Well I finally have an interview after an interview famine! It's Monday at noon at another jewelry store, and I'm going to get it this time! Because there is no alternative.

Well, I guess you could consider working fast food/depending on tax payers to feed and house me an option, but I don't.

When I finally start getting paychecks, I'll be able to pay the application fee for BYU-I and get that rolling, then hopefully get accepted for the Winter Semester. Then I'll get my bachelors, then I'll move somewhere else to get my PhD, then I'll be a professor when I grow up, then I'll be rich, then I'll be able to buy a husband!

So in like eight years (since I won't be able to go to school full time because I'll have to work), I'll be set. Lol.

Oh and today we went to a family reunion and I thought it would be dumb but it was pretty cool and I'm going to put up some pics later.

Bye. Oh, wish me luck for the interview!


jjertmann said...

How'd it go? And if you haven't had it yet, good luck!

michellmibel said...

Good luck on the interview. Working at a jewelery store would be fun. - Michelle