Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Job Interview

I finally have a job interview! Tomorrow morning, in Idaho Falls, at Standard Plumbing and Supply. Seriously. What, ya'll didn't know I'm a certified plumber? Of course I'm not. They're hiring for their showroom. If I get the job, I'll be showing and selling facets. Thrilling. Absolutely thrilling! "Yes, this would really go well with your bathroom. You will not be disappointed. Sure, it's a little spendy, but the quality is outstanding, and think of what your friends will say!"


Anyway, a customer of mine from Cash Store works for the company and mentioned that there are some stores this way. I'd asked him if they'd hire me as a receptionist and he said they'd probably put me in the showroom. I asked if it was sales? Yes, said he. Bleh. Commission? I asked. Yes, said he. Worse. I expressed my extreme disinterest in commission jobs and he explained they also would pay a base wage. I said "well would the base be at least $11 an hour?" Yes, said he. Really? 11 an hour plus commission? Worth a try I guess. So I tried yesterday. The one in Rexburg is not hiring but he faxed my resume to the IF one and I got a call this morning. Interview tomorrow. Wish me luck!


Melanie said...

Good luck with your interview. Though I find it hard to believe that you get commission AND $11 an hour. I would make sure to check on that.
When I was reading your post, Morgan saw pics of your chillens. He called them cute! Haha!

Stephanie said...

Well.... they ARE cute. It's $10/hr plus an occasional bonus. Thus, I didn't take it.

Melanie said...

Did he OFFER it? And yes, they are cute. But how does Morgan know to say so?

Stephanie said...

he pretty much offered it. He seemed ready to give it to me. I'm not being delusional, either.