Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Anna's Been Tagged!

Eleven things about Anna, who is 4.5 years old (excluding things which might appear biased):
1. She can spell many words and knows what letter almost every word begins with.
2. She just loves church
3. She loves all other children and considers them her friends immediately, regardless of age (up to about 10), race, religion, language spoken, or where she "meets" them, or anything else that others might consider a friendship barrier.
4. She is a very obedient child, which brings me such joy! She's residually obedient, even. Like, if I tell her no she can't do something one time, (like cross the street w/o a grownup or something else fundamentally important) she'll remember it the next time and say something like "I can't do that."
5. She really, REALLY wants a bike (and is getting one this weekend!)
6. She can add any two numbers, so long as each number is less than 5.
7. She loves to sing
8. She loves to dance
9. She loves to play in water
10. She has the sharpest imagination I've ever encountered: Her feet have separate personalities. She constantly plays with her cousin Danielle, who lives in another state. She sleds down hills in the summer on the sidewalk. Santa goes grocery shopping with us, and even swimming (wearing orange swim trunks that he looks great in). She makes soup in the bathroom sink (I used to do this too!). Her imagination may just be my favorite thing about her.
11. She's not so much a fan of sharing.

Anna tags Emmy (Christine, are you out there?)

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