Friday, June 27, 2008


So I really want to get married. Tomorrow would be fine, I've no plans. Just for beans, here are my fundamental requirements for my future eternal lover:
1. He'll take me to the Temple on our wedding day, where we'll then be sealed for time and all eternity.
2. He'll take home enough $$ to make me a stay at home mom, even now, with my two kids.
3. His personal integrity will be like unto Job's. He won't lie to me or cheat on me, okay?
4. I'll be his favorite person to be with, and he mine; he'll spend all the time with me that I need.
5. He'll let me rub his feet (okay, this is negotiable I suppose, but I really like rubbing feet.)
6. He'll lead our family in family prayer, scripture study and FHE, and church attendance.
7. He's just good. Virtuous, lovely, of good report and praiseworthy. I do expect the same from myself.
8. He will honor the priesthood which he'll hold.
9. He'll cherish me. Forever.
10. He'll love my kids as his own, maybe not right away, but he'll make that effort right away.

That's all I can think of for fundamentals. Now the fun stuff. If I could dream up the most incredible, impossible man, this is he:
He's tall
He can sing
He's very, very intelligent
He's an RM
He speaks another language, preferably Spanish
He has a large family, which he is very close to
We'll live in the Treasure Valley
He'll make like 80k a year
And we'll use it to help so many people
He'll agree to foster parenting
He's buff
He looks hot in a cowboy hat, but he's not so much a cowboy
He'll immediately love Anna and Matthias as his own
He'll make me laugh ever day
He'll take me out on weekly dates
He'll send/bring me flowers just because
His mother is awesome
He's SO romantic
He's compassionate toward other people
He's very kind
He's sensible
He won't make fun of me when I cry
He'll hold me when I cry
He's an outstanding kisser
He doesn't like TV
He hates computer shoot em up games, or at least plays them in moderation
He likes to camp
He'll encourage my writing
He'll be so proud of me, proud to be in my life
He'll listen and hear me
He'll play card/board games with me
He cooks. A lot.
His credit is outstanding
He's a lawyer
He respects his elders
He'll adore my family and want to spend every holiday with them. (negotiable)
My dad will dig him
Of course my kids will love him. This one is fundamental.
He has a boat
He's a hard worker but likes to be lazy sometimes
He'll take out the trash

Well, I could go on forever, but if he sees this after we're married, I don't want him to feel too inadequate. :D Please know that I'll be a little more lenient than this list implies. :) I'll love him even if he's not a lawyer.


Pamela, Shaun, Jaidaella, and ZoaJaynna said...

LOL steph You make me laugh good luck on getting 1/2 the things on your list :)I've never met a guy who dose not like tv. no it has to be the big screen and wait it's not a tv with out sourround sound to go with it. and a date every week that might happen once the kids get older because we said the same thing and we are lucky to get out once a month but when we do we make it count!!! Love Ya Girl and hope your going good

Pamela, Shaun, Jaidaella, and ZoaJaynna said...

Be who you wanna be
cause in the end,
♥ Some lucky guy will love it!