Friday, June 10, 2011

Matthias' Kindergarten graduation!

On May 24, 2011, Matthias graduated from Kindergarten! He was soooo cute. I remembered to bring my camera, but forgot to put the battery in it after it had charged, so I had to use my iPhone and got some really lousy shots. But they're better than nothing! Here he is before we went inside, standing outside the school and looking cute and goofy:

Matthias's dad said he'd be there, but he says that a lot and doesn't show up. So I was trying to, as politely as possible, tell Matthias that his Dad might get busy and don't be too upset if he doesn't show. Well his dad DID come! I was floored! How wonderful! I was so happy for Matthias. I got this shot of Matthias as he was walking in with his class. This is him saying "Daddy really DID come, Mom!"

The program was super cute. The Kindergarten Graduates sang patriotic songs and did a great job. Matthias really loves to sing. But when his class was waiting for the other classes to get their certificates, he was restless and noisy. I LOVE this shot of him talking intently to the suuuper cute girl who was sitting next to him. Of course, you can barely see him, but it's still adorable.
Matthias' class was actually the first class to "walk." Here he is (horrible shot!!!! Dang camera! Plus my iPhone camera skillz are lousy) receiving his certificate from his teacher, Mrs. Glasco:
And posing for photos afterward. Kicking myself for leaving my camera battery home. Grrr.
After the ceremony, parents were invited into Mrs. Glassco's classroom to gather their kids' belongings and get pictures. Here's Matthias sitting for the last time at his table:

And with his awesome teacher, Mrs. Glassco:
Proof that his daddy really DID come!

Also present were: my mother (she left before I could get a picture with her), Matthias's grandpa EJ and Matthias's stepsister, Shelbi. After the graduation, I took Matthias out for icecream. But first, we came home and I got some shots of him in our backyard with a real camera. For your viewing pleasure, the many faces of Matthias:

Doesn't his cuteness make you love him? I LOVE HIM!


Bobbi said...

Awww... He's so stinkin' cute!! I can't believe how much he has grown and now graduated from Kindergarten?!?! We sure miss you guys!!!

Melanie said...

He certainly is cute.