Sunday, June 26, 2011

Camping 2011- The Hike

I took the majority of my photos on this lovely hike. It's still kind of an overload for one post, but you can handle it. :) And because I couldn't get Blogger to cooperate, the pictures are in no particular order. Scenery and people I love:

I have a particular inexplicable fondness for this photo-
The Log. Kaien, Emmy, Morgan, Anna and Matthias getting ready for fun pictures.

I like photos when the sun comes through the trees. So I took one.
The silly log photo. Look, all the good positions were taken by other photographers, okay!! Ammon, Kaien, Emmy (Chris's kids), Morgan (Melanie's son), Matthias and Anna.
My cute cute cute kids!!!
Blurry but still cute.
Matthias looks like a Turley here I think. Anna showing off her walking stick.
I can't get enough of these kids.
Melanie and baby Lydia peeking around! I was glad I wasn't the one who had to haul a chubby baby on a hike.
A stream! Always a child's delight. All the kids taking off their shoes; Uncle Chris helping everyone in; Grandpa in the background taking real photos.
The heads of Kaien, Morgan, and Anna. And Matthias so excited to get in the water.
I think he was the 1st one in. Maybe not. But he was the first one to fall in. He said "I'm okay!"

Uncle Chris taking video.
My dad, the (camp) resident photographer.
We did these braids the day before we left. Well, most of them anyway. I finished it the morning we left. She loved them.

My brother Chris and my cute cute nephew Ammon! He's almost 2.

I was mostly trying to get that there mountain-top-rock. It was awesome.
Matthias and Kaien on the return. They ran way ahead of everyone. Look how pretty it is!
Matthias, Kaien and Emmy. And pretty.
My princess!

More pretty.
My cute niece Emmy perched upon a log, waiting for the rest to come.
Matthias on a log, waiting for the rest to come. And beautiful trees.

I loved the color of the bark on that tree.

A sea of trees! my camera failed to bring justice to the beauty here.

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