Monday, January 10, 2011

So they really ARE siblings

Matthias has Kindergarten on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and sometimes Fridays. Full days. I prefer the every day half day schedule, but nothin I can do. Anyway, here's one of our conversations today-

Me: Kids, you both have school tomorrow.
Anna: ooooh, I hate it when Matthias has school, too.
Me: Why?
Anna: Because he's so annoying!
Me: What does he do?
Anna: Whenever he sees me at lunch, he says "Hi, Anna!"
Me, laughing: But, Anna, he's just excited to see you.
Anna: I know, but it's annoying.
Me: But that's exactly what I would do. If I saw you, I would be excited, and I'd say "Hi, Anna!"
Anna: I would like that. You're not annoying.

Me: He just wants to say hi because he loves you.
Anna: Well I love 'im too, he's just annoying sometimes.

Sigh. I guess I can't force her to say hi back to her brother. I tried to convince her to be proud of him, but her answer was the same as all her other ones "I am proud of him, but he's annoying." All the while Matthias was sitting quietly, seemingly unaffected either way. Remember when your younger siblings were annoying, and it wasn't okay for them to address you in public? I do. Also, Jem told Scout when she started school that she was not to approach him till school was over. (Do you wonder, sometimes, if I reference To Kill a Mockingbird too frequently?)What is the reason for this? Even though I did the same thing, I can't find a reason for it.

Ah well. My kids are the cutest, even when they're annoying. :)

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