Sunday, December 19, 2010

The dream I never dared to dream

The house is mine! Okay, I guess nothing is official until I have the keys and I'm walking over that threshold. But... The offer of 65k was countered and after some negotiation, we ended up at 68.4k, buyer to pay closing costs. Not bad 't'all. I'm really excited. The house will be MINE and my mortgage payment will be less than my rent!

What a blessing this is! My lender was anything but optimistic that I'd get approved, what with my credit stains. But I was approved! And I am buying a home!

Closing date is January 18. My house is getting inspected on Monday. My house.... "My house..." I'm a single mom without a college degree in my 20's (okay, only for another few months, but still!) and I'm going to have a place I can call "MY house!" For so many years, this was never even a goal because I didn't think it would be possible. Really, it's only been since I moved back to Nampa that I started thinking "hmm.... I wonder if I could buy a house. Yeah right! That would be pretty cool though."

And now, not even a year after my return to this great city, the dream I didn't dare to dream is coming true!

I can put as many nails in the wall as I want to.

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