Saturday, December 11, 2010

New House!

Well, I'm going to buy a house. I never thought that I would ever buy a house as a single mom, ever! I'm soooooo excited! First, I thought I'd be approved for an awesome loan that would be $500 down. But, then, because of my ex's fiasco with our apartment (long story short: I moved out in April of 2007, he moved his girlfriend in in May, I signed off the lease, he said he'd signed too, it was a lie, so in Nov when he and his gf were evicted, all his back rent and damages hit my credit, where it still sits, despite my dispute), my lender said I don't qualify. So he ran it through for another loan, and I qualified for 3.5% down, which is still pretty great!

I put in an offer today for the house I want sooo bad. Here it is!

Pretty cute, right? Yes it's small. Just over 1000 sq ft. But other than that, it's perfect!

There's the living room. This is the only thing I wish was bigger. I can handle small bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, etc. But I'd really like this room to be bigger. But, really, it's not too bad. I could fit a furniture set and my piano easily enough.

There's the dining area. I like the floor.

Kitchen. Don't mind the smallness but I wish there was more counter space. Eventually, I'd put in an island between the kitchen and dining area to add more counter space. Notice the refrigerator and microwave already in the house!!

Master bedroom above.

Main bath above. There's also a master bath which is very similar.

Cool laundry room that leads to the 2 car garage. And includes a sink. Awesome!
Covered patio.

And check it:
Yeah, that's a 2 story playhouse with a slide coming out of it, and a huge storage shed!

I LOVE THIS HOUSE! It's listed at $70k, we offered 65. I'll know if the offer was accepted no later than Tuesday. WOO HOO!


Lacy Brower said...

Thats Awesome Steph its super cute and really looks bigger than 100 sq ft. im excited for you!!!!

Lacy Brower said...

haha i ment 1000 sq ft

Angela said...

That is so great! I hope it works out!