Thursday, August 12, 2010

Funny Words

On the drive home from our vaycay to Utah (details to come), I tuned into my kids' imaginary play at about this point:

Anna: This is Kelly at The Ice Scoop, how can I help you?

Matthias: I would like some ice.

Anna: Really?

Matthias: Yes.

Anna: Okay. And then I got you some ice to your door....

Matthias: But it wasn't very much....

Anna: Uh-huh, it's a lot.

Then there was something about a snowman in a bucket.

ALSO. We wished on a star tonight. It was very bright and not the North Star so I think it's a planet. I told the kids I think it's a planet because it's bigger and brighter than the other stars. We did the whole "Starlight, Star Bright, first star I see tonight" thing anyway, even though it's not a star. Matthias wished for a puppy named Alexander with a collar. He said he knows he'll get one. Anna said "If his wish doesn't come true, it's a planet."

ALSO. We drove past Costco. Matthias read "Costco." Then he pointed out that there's a 't' in it, and so it says "Cost-co, not Cosco." Yes, son. Yes, that's right. I'm a little embarrassed that I've had nothing to do with my son learning how to read. I'm really not sure when it happened but he's surprising me all the time with the stuff he reads.

I love them. Ever so much.

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aubree lorene said...

awww! i loved this post!! they're so funny to listen to on car rides! .. as long as its below a certain number of decibals,hehe