Thursday, July 16, 2009

Progress Report

It's remarkable to me that I find time to blog when I have no time to blog. All semester, I've resisted the temptation to blog my life away. And now, when it's exceptionally crucial that I focus on my schoolwork, here I am.

Finals are next week. I just can't flippin wait. I am registered to take a class during the seven weeks between semesters, and then I'm registered for 2 classes the following semester, even though I'll be off track. I want to finish school as soon as I can. But I want a break SO bad! So I may be dropping the 7 week course.

The most amazing thing is that after next week, I'll have completed another year of school! I think this semester I won't get a single A, which is truly tragic. Seriously, it makes me want to cry. But, I'll have another year under my belt and that is SO EXCITING! Is it possible that I'm reaching my goal? Is it fathomable that I may actually graduate with a bachelor's degree??

This semester has been especially challenging. Last semester I was conveniently laid off at the beginning of the semester. So, while I was searching for employment, I was collecting unemployment and spending more time on homework than work. This semester, I've had a job. I'm grateful for it and I'm glad I'm not getting unemployment anymore, but I really don't get how people work, parent, and get good grades at the same time. It's very hard.

Not only that, but this semester I've had to hire a lawyer. That's been stressful. Randy wants more custody of the kids and I'm not cool with that. Also, I'm not okay with only sometimes getting some child support but still providing EVERYTHING for the kids, including transportation to and from Nampa for HIS visitation. That gets expensive. So I've hired a lawyer to make some changes to our original agreement and it's a long and expensive process, and certainly not conducive to focused study. Also my sister keeps getting bad news, which pulls my attention from my studies. God bless her. Also my bestie keeps getting bad news and she's stressed and so I'm stressed for her. Also Anna is supposed to go to Kindergarten next month, and I've already written about that decision process. There's just been a lot of STUFF happenin this semester and my focus has been all over the place.

Also, my kids want to eat every day so I've been forced to feed them. You know? EVERY DAY!

Kidding, of course. I've always fed them several times daily, naturally.

I've been asked to babysit a lot more than usual and I can't say no because I know what it's like to need a babysitter.

So yeah. Busy semester and I'm going to see the sad results on my grade report. My predictions:
History: B
Public Speaking: B (maybe C but I REALLY hope not)
Communications Writing: B-
Literature: C

SAD. And a little embarrassing. Someone reassure me. :D

Okay I have to go write a paper.


Melanie said...

I thought you were pleasantly surprised last semester with your grades, so why not this semester too?
Also, don't let my drama be distracting.

Linnea said...

D for diploma, baby! :D

Hehe, kidding. Don't let the grades stress you out. If you learned what you needed to in the class and passed at all, you're golden. Professors are notoriously hard to please, so a B is often a darned good grade!

On a side note, I'm trying to let your bravery in taking on all this crap plus school be an inspiration for me to finish my music degree. If I matriculate and challenge a few courses at U of M, I should be no more than a semester from done. Only issue left is then the cost and the 120 mile commute. >.<

Keep your chin up, sweetie! You'll get it all done! <3