Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Is Anyone There?

Well hello. It's been a crazy semester. I have had no time to catch up on my blog (not that anyone enjoys reading all about me as much as I do). And, really, I have no time now. I have some intense assignments due soon that should have been done already. Oy. The stress. S-T-E-P-H-A-N-I-E spells "stress."

So, Anna is supposed to start Kindergarten this fall. I have been on a seesaw of decision about that. I want to homeschool my children. I WILL homeschool my children. The debate is whether or not I start now. I'm a single mom and a student myself; is homeschooling really the wise choice? I have committed to homeschooling. I have committed to sending her to Kennedy Elementary. I can't stay with one decision long because the other one always seems wiser. But, at this point, I'm leaning to homeschool again. I know this decision will be met with plenty of opposition, but, this is America, Anna is my daughter, and I get to make the choice.

Anyway. My point is. I'm totally going to start a new blog. If I stick with the choice to homeschool, I'm makin a new blog about homeschooling adventures. I think it'll be fun. Of course, I won't be the only one but it'll be fun anyway.


Ashlee Garn said...

I'll keep my opinion to myself because you are correct. It is America and you're her mother :) Besides, she's just as smart as you.

Stephanie said...

thanks for the comment, Ash! And you don't have to keep your opinion to yourself. As long as you're respectful (and I know you would be), I'm happy to take other views into mind, especially since I'm still on that seesaw (leaning to homeschool but not on the ground yet, lol).