Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Is it over already?

Christmas is the best ever EVER! I had the most awesome Christmas! My kids were in Nampa already and I drove there on Tuesday right after work. The roads were a little scary but I made it, and I was so sad that my kids were already sleeping. They were at my Mom's. Well, Santa was coming for my kids that night so I had some work to do. Randy was to have them Christmas morning, and he told me he wasn't doing Christmas so I had to make sure the kids had a visit from Santa.
I was so happy to see my kids, I'd missed them so much. So here's some pictures of that Christmas Eve morning.
Anna playing with a stocking stuffer:
Anna really wanted a Diamond Castle from Santa for her Diamond Castle Barbie she got for her birthday. Well, Santa couldn't afford said Diamond castle, so he got her this school and school bus for her Kelly dolls, hoping it would suffice. She was a little disappointed; she had total faith that Santa would bring her the one thing she asked for. I was sad for her, but she took it like a big girl, and I explained that sometimes Santa brings what he thinks we'll play with more rather than what we think we want at the moment. Hope she understood.
Matthias got a tool box and that batman punchbag thing from Santa. And they both got super soft and warm microplush blankets. He's playing with the slinky that was in his stocking.
Here he is unwrapping the present I was most excited about getting him, his Thomas the Train set:
Anna unwrapping her hair stuff:
My pretty princess and her pretty toys. The baby doll on the left is from Kadin's grandma, Kimmie's mom, whom she's never met! That was very nice of her. The Barbie head is from Kimmie and that was the first toy Anna wanted to play with.
Yay, Thomas! He LOVES it.
Look Mommy, Handy Manny! He loved it.
Yay, more Barbies!
Alright, Kung Fu Panda and Polar Express!

Later, Matthias said, "I love my truck. I love my Handy Manny. I love it all." Ya done good, Mom.
That'll do for now.

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Melanie said...

I wish I had taken more pictures of Christmas.