Monday, December 15, 2008

Dear Santa

We all can dream, right?

Dear Santa,
Here's what I want:
-A husband. So, Santa, if you could fit a tall, handsome temple-worthy lawyer in his early to mid thirties down the chimney with you, I'd be much obliged. Plus, if I have a husband next year, I won't have to bug you. I'll ask him for the stuff I want. See? We both win.

-Jeans. I ripped my good pair at work. I didn't even know it; a coworker pointed it out to me. So I only have one pair. And, since I've gained 15 pounds in 3 months, I'll need those in a 16. Boot cut, if possible.

-A dress. Or a skirt outfit/ with a khaki skirt (more dressy than casual)

-A sweatshirt/pullover hoodie. I only have one sweatshirt and it's falling apart.


-Shoes. I just can't have enough (though I do have plenty)

-The movies Elf and Enchanted

-Season 4 of 24


-A karaoke machine, baby!

-A laptop, for school of course

-A Wii. Why not? Everyone else is getting one.

-Super cute dangle earrings

-Makeup. Particularly foundation.

-A tropical climate

-To Kill a Mockingbird. The book.

-A castle

-A crown

Hmm. Well that's all I can think off. I hate to bother you with such a small, inconsequential list. I do appreciate your time.

All my thanks,
~Stephanie Jean (the mighty queen) Montano

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Melanie said...

Well, I hope that Santa fills your requests for you.