Wednesday, May 14, 2008

For your Viewing Pleasure

They were all hiding in the closet from me one morning before work. It was pretty funny. The older child there is my stepson (whom I will ever claim), Kadin. I take him to school every morning.

She's so my little princess!

Trying for a self-taken family photo.

I love this one! Anna is trying to guide her brother's face toward the camera. That's the three of them, oh how I love them!


jjertmann said...

Is he three already?! I'm sorry your charts are failing. Its got to be a little cute that they want to sleep with you though. Right?

jjertmann said...

PS, cute pics! Your kids are growing up!!

Melanie said...

Wow, Mattie looks a lot different! I think he looks even more Martin. His hair is much longer and he looks like he's been outside for a summer. Oh to have that skin pigment. He looks just like Jason's young pictures.

Stephanie said...

I know, as soon as the sun came out, he turned brown! It was instantaneous and I'm envious!

I'm sorry my charts have failed too, however, the past two nights, Anna has slept in her bed all night!